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What are the differences between station data and gridded datasets (in providing weather data)?

There is a major difference. When you use station data (such as synoptic station, climatology station, agricultural station, and etc.), you just use the data for a point scale (with lat and lon of the station), but when you use gridded data you can apply different meteorological data for a region that the area of the region is depend on the resolution of applied gauge. For example AgMERRA gauge can produce weather variables with 0.5deg*0.5deg or 0.25deg*0.25deg. We can achieve the differences between station data and gridded datasets, when we don't have enough data for a region from station data, or we have lots of missing or gaps in registration of data in a specific station. In this case, gridded datasets are very proper for us to apply them in our projects. In many cases the gridded datasets have strong ability to use in studies that we don't have enough stations, you can refer to the following paper: 'Estimation of meteorological drought indices based on AgMERRA precipitation data and station-observed precipitation data' DOI: 10.1007/s40333-017-0070-y

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