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What are the agricultural drought indices?

There are different indices that use in all over the world. In DMAP (Drought Monitoring And Prediction) tool in Agrimetsoft, we are added three important of them, namely:

  • ARI (Agricultural Rainfall Index), Nieuwolt, 1981
  • SMDI (Soil Moisture Deficit Index), Narasimhan and Srinivasan, 2005
  • ETDI (Evapotranspiration Deficit Index),Narasimhan and Srinivasan, 2005

Nieuwolt S, 1981. Agricultural droughts in Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute, Serdang, p: 16.

Narasimhan, B., and Srinivasan, R. 2005. Development and Evaluation of soil Moisture Deficit index and Evaporation Deficit Index for Agriculture of Drought Monitoring, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 133-69-88.

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