How to calculate 'Nash-Sutcliffe model efficiency coefficient' in Matlab

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How to calculate 'Nash-Sutcliffe model efficiency coefficient' in Matlab? i just saw your video, but when i use NSE(), i got error on using NSE in matlab.

We have two methods for calculation 'Nash-Sutcliffe model efficiency coefficient' on our website:

1- Using Matlab code for calculation 'Nash-Sutcliffe model efficiency coefficient'. For this purpose, firstly you should download NSE.m file and copy it in Matlab WorkFolder. Usually, this folder can be 'C:\Users\{your_user}\Documents\MATLAB' or any folder that you selected. Then you can use the function same as NSE video

NSE(Obs, Sim)

That Obs is the vector of your observation data and Sim is a vector of your simulation data.

2- Using Data Tool for calculation 'Nash-Sutcliffe model efficiency coefficient'. Data Tool is an Excel add-ins for reshaping data, convert daily data to monthly and seasonally, calculation of calculation efficiency coefficients such as 'Nash-Sutcliffe model efficiency coefficient' or other calculation coefficient. This tool is a commercial tool but you can get a one week key by subscribing in Our Chanel in You-Tube.

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This is Help videos for Data Tool:

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