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How can you register our products?
You have the registration key of the Agrimetsoft’s product, but you don't know where can you enter key?
What is the difference between Netcdf-Extractor Version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and 2.1?
I dont't know Does the software can extract data from my netcdf file or no?
What does your refund policy?
How can I calculate origin and shape in NetCDF file (nc file)?
How can I achieve domain of NetCDF file (nc file)?
How can plot contour or heat-map graph over the region from NetCDF files?
I use RDIT and calculate SPI but it doesn’t not equal to SPI= (rain-mean)/Sd., Why?
What does the proper threshold that I should to use it for SPI?
Can I calculate Agricultural drought through RDIT?
What is the unit of Y-Axis in Severity graph?
Which of the drought indices are the best one, for monitoring drought events?
What is the used database in the “MDM” (Meteorological Drought Monitoring) software?