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Could you please tell me that, What is the most difference between various gridded datasets (gauges)?

There are various differences:

1- Difference in type of providing data The gridded datasets can be divided into three categories: Gauge-based such as APHRODITE, satellite-based like PERSIANN and TRMM, and merged satellite-gauge products such as AgMERRA and CRU.

2- Difference in temporal resolution It means some of them produce timely scale and others daily and monthly data.

3- Difference in spatial resolution It means some of them produce data at 0.25 degree, others are 0.5 degree and 1 degree.

4- Various weather variables Some of them just provide precipitation data, such as Persiann, others provide several variables, such a AgMERRA.

For better clarifications we present several examples in following:

- GPCP V2.3 Precipitation: Global Precipitation Climatology Project monthly precipitation dataset from 1979-present combines observations and satellite precipitation data into 2.5degx2.5deg global grids.

- MSU: Two Microwave Sounding Unit tropospheric temperatures and daily average precipitation available in a global grid (2.5degx2.5deg).

- CPC Global Precipitation: Daily Gridded CPC Precipitation for 1979 to present.

- Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC): GPCC Global Precipitation Climatology Centre monthly precipitation dataset from 1901-present is calculated from global station data.

- CMAP Precipitation: Monthly and pentad global gridded precipitation means. It includes a standard and enhanced version (with NCEP Reanalysis) from 1979 to near the present.

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